Seed Treaters

STS Treater



The STS Treater is a convenient, economical, and practical solution for your seed treating needs. Unlike the conventional drum design, the STS Treater utilizes a gentle rotational mixing process that reduces the risk of seed damage while promoting maximum coverage. The innovative design of the STS Treater avoids the tossing and dropping of seed that occurs in other treaters. The seed moves gently downward through the chamber to a triangular separator that divides the seed into two even sheets. The combination of this spreading technique and the multiple application points spraying evenly from all sides ensures complete coverage of each individual seed.


  • 1,000 and 2,000 UPH capacities available
  • Complete, consistent seed coverage through our proprietary Seed Flow technology
  • Integrated scale system
  • Easy seed flow and application calibration
  • Manual and automated options
  • Quick disconnect chemical tank
  • Easy lift points for maneuverability

Seed Boss

seed treaters


Like the STS Treater, the Seed Boss offers a simple, economical, and user-friendly solution to your seed handling needs. Our Seed Boss Series is designed for bulk seed transfer from hard-side boxes or bags to an incline conveyor. This portable unit can be used to stage boxes and bags to fill your seed treater for continuous flow treating. It can also be utilized to fill directly into a seed tender. With the optional treatment atomizer, the Seed Boss can be equipped to overtreat seed without the use of a drum treater.


  • Completely configurable to suit individual needs
  • Wheeled chassis for maneuverability and storage
  • Expandable between 2-8 boxes
  • Atomizer option for overtreatment
  • Centralized control panel for unload and treater operation
  • Precision pump stand with integrated agitation
  • Adjustable flow transitions with air gates (300-1,500 UPH)
  • Interlocking hard box stands
  • 65 unit hopper for staging bags

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