Seed Drying System




The revolutionary SeeDry drying system is designed specifically for the safe drying of treated seed to eliminate bridging and build-up. The SeeDry system utilizes voluminous air-flow in a cyclonic chamber to safely and effectively remove excess post-treatment moisture. You have full variable air control allowing for customization to your specific drying needs. With only a two-second drying time per seed, the SeeDry system is equipped to dry up to 1,500UPH. Its compact design allows for easy use and storage in minimal space.


  • Safe on biologicals, including rhizobia
  • Safely and gently removes excess moisture
  • Eliminates bridging, build-up, and residue
  • Easily retrofitted to existing treatment sites
  • Processes 1,500 UPH
  • Variable controls
  • Compact footprint
  • Flexible configuration
  • Easy cleaning


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