QP offers a full suite of conveyors, including incline, overhead, underbin, and truck unload. Our Reverse Revolution Technology or “RRT” conveyors allow for gentle and safe seed transport at full capacity at angles up to 45 degrees—steeper than any other conveyor available. In addition to minimizing space requirements, our RRT conveyors avoid pinch points, seed roll back, and seed tossing at intake and discharge that occur with top carry conveyors.


  • 20-year track record of safe, gentle, high-quality seed handling
  • Eliminates roll back, pinching, and tossing
  • Seed transfer up to 45 degree angles
  • Enhanced transfer efficiency and minimized power requirements
  • Available in 6′ increments from 12′ to 72′ (incline) and to 126′ (horizontal)
  • Electric and hydraulic drive options
  • Transfers 1,200 to 3,600 UPH
  • Standard, bulk, wagon, and flex hoppers
  • Transport models
  • Custom lengths available for custom applications

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