Seed Treatment Equipment

Our story began over 20 years ago in the back of a machine shed. As farmers, our vision was to make farming easier for fellow farmers. It was that simple.

In 1995, we took our first step toward that goal by designing a patented, self-loading seed tender. Our work on seed tenders provided the foundation from which we began improving conveyance methods. As seed moved from 50 pound bags to 2,000 pound bags and boxes, we knew farmers needed better ways to handle bulk seed. As part of the seed tender, we designed our first Reverse Revolution Technology or RRT conveyor. The innovative RRT design allowed the transfer of seed at up to angles of 45 degrees—higher than any other conveyor on the market—while reducing damage to the seed. The RRT conveyors gained immediate popularity with farmers and dealers for their efficiency and gentleness.

After improving farmers’ ability to move large volumes of seed, we began focusing on other problematic areas. In 1998, we began addressing issues in fertilizer application. We designed the patented Tru-Depth shank system to ensure consistent application even in rocky and unpredictable soils. This proved to be a substantial step forward for reducing repair costs and downtime during critical anhydrous and manure application season.

Around 2005, the bulk seed industry began to grow rapidly and we grew with it. Over the years, QP became a leader in conveyors as well as in the design, manufacturing, and installing of bulk seed sites. In 2012, we moved into a 60,000 sf, built-to-suit, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Oelwein, IA. This allowed us to better meet the increasing demand for QP systems.

Our considerable growth further fueled our desire to solve farming problems. Once in our new facility, we concentrated our efforts on empowering farmers to realize the benefits of treated seed. In 2013, we designed our STS Treaters as the practical solution to farmers’ treating needs. That same year, we designed the Seed Boss Treater to address increased demand for corn and cotton overtreatment. These systems enable all farmers to control their seed treatment process efficiently and independently.

After providing the STS and Seed Boss solutions, we began looking at additional ways to improve the overall process. While farmers and dealers were able to ensure complete seed coverage they faced additional problems. Bridging and build-up of treated seed inhibited and slowed processing and caused planting issues in the field. In 2014, we solved that problem with our revolutionary patented drying system. The SeeDry removes excess moisture from treated seed, thus preventing build-up and eliminating bridging. It has greatly enhanced the types and volume of treatments applied downstream and the efficiency with which seed can now be processed.

Although we no longer operate from the back of a machine shed, we remain true to our original vision. QP is steadfast in providing impeccable service for state of the art agricultural practice. We have never wavered from the simplicity of this single-minded pursuit. We are farmers and engineers committed to the stewardship of the land and to the support of the farming community.